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Russian Couple Build Castle with Recycled Materials

Alexey and Valentina Krivov, a retired couple living in the suburbs of Artyom, Russia have spent the last 16 years transforming their house into a beautiful castle. The most incredible part is they only used stuff found on the street and at a nearby landfill. Despite their age, pensioners Alexey and Valentina still believe in […]

zHome – America’s First Zero-Energy, Market-Rate Multifamily Housing Project

zHome is a residential complex featuring 10 affordable,carbon neutral housing units that are net-zero-energy (they produce as much power as they consume). Although this daring sustainable housing project was launched at the worst possible time (in 2008, on the same day the Dow Jones plummeted signaling the beginning of the economic crisis, zHome proved to be […]

Portland’s Water House Focuses on Water Conservation

A lot of green homes nowadays are built to be energy efficient, but completely ignore the issue of residential water conservation. Portland’s Water House is an ingenious project that is both water conscious and energy efficient. Located on a city-owned lot in Northeast Portland’s Russell neighborhood, the Water House is the first WaterSense-certified project in […]

A-B Tech Students Build Tiny LEED-Certified Green Home

A group of students from the Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College have built the first house in America that meets the requirements of North Carolina Healthy Built, Energy Star and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) “When we ask ourselves ‘where would Henry David Thoreau live in the 21st century?’ this home is the place,” […]

Organization Converts Old Homes into Modern Sustainable Houses

  Right now in America there are over one million homes slated for demolition, but creating even more debris apart from what we already produce doesn’t exactly scream eco-friendliness. Luckily, the guys at Builders of Hope have come up with an alternative – restore old houses, giving them a sustainable makeover. Builders of Hope, an […]

Sustainahouse – A Sustainable Living Experiment at the University of Missouri

  Sustainahouse is a sustainable living experiment where six students from the University of Missouri try to teach the community the benefits of an eco-friendly lifestyle. “When I was applying to go to university, I visited small liberal arts schools. Many of them had some sort of environmental based living community,” says Claire Friedrichsen, one […]

First Prototype of MIT’s Affordable Housing Project Built in China

MIT’s “1K House” project encourages designers and architects to create affordable, sustainable houses for the billions of people around the world living on less than $1 a day. MIT graduate student Ying chee Chui built the first prototype of the project, called Pinwheel House. Tony Ciochetti, the Thomas G. Eastman Chairman at MIT’s Center for Real […]

Superadobe – Building Sustainable Houses from Freely Available Materials

The California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture, or Cal-Earth is a non-profit foundation that promotes the use of sustainable housing and construction materials available almost anywhere: earth, sandbags and barbed wire. Founded in 1986, by the late architect Nadel Khalili, Cal-Earth has a philosophy based on the equilibrium of natural elements (fire, water, earth […]

Minimumhouse – An Energy Efficient Vacation Home

If your looking to build a sustainable vacation house, you might one to check out this prototype German architects Scheidt Kasprusch built in the forests outside Berlin. Minimumhouse has a simple modular design, and was conceived as the “ideal of a house with maximum outdoor impressions and also by making full use of the solar yields […]

Old 60’s House Converted into Modern Sustainable Living Space

Although sustainability wasn’t one of the key principles of building a house during the 1960s, Brett Easton and his partner Mia Venema have proved some of the features of their 60’s home match the demands of today. Brett and Mia have been living in their old brick veneer home for five months, but they’ve already […]