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GreenPoint Home Rating System Becoming More Popular

The state of California has it’s own green home rating system; it’s called GreenPoint and Built It Green has recently announced it has reached the 10,000 certified houses milestone. Leed, Energy Star, Net Zero Energy, PassivHaus, earth Advantage – these are the most popular eco-friendly home rating systems, but Built It Green’s GreenPoint is quickly […]

Teen Builds Tiny Sustainable House in His Parents’ Backyard

At only 16 years old Austin Hay, from Sonoma County, California, is already building his own sustainable house, and at little over 130 square feet it fits right in his parents’backyard. Hay says he was inspired to build his own house by a school project for which he had to research something he was interested […]

Homeowner Turns 1910 Farmhouse into the First Passive House in Idaho

Vic Webber, a former Navy pilot turned passive house design consultant, is working hard to turn his family’s 1910 farmhouse into the first passive house in the state of Idaho. From the outside, Vic Webber’s house in Fairfield, Idaho looks like any other farmhouse in the area, but on the inside it’s undergoing a serious […]

1930s Permaculture House Becomes Self-Sufficient Homestead

A 1930s Clacton house has recently been included in a network of eco-friendly permaculture homes, after its owner spent several years turning it into a modern sustainable residence. Permaculture is all about developing sustainable ways of living, including producing your own energy and growing your own food. Chris Southall, a former member of the Tendering Eco […]

Electronics Company Builds High-Tech Zero Energy Home

SoundVision, an electronics systems company in Marin County, California has invested in a groundbreaking housing project dubbed “The Zero Energy Home“. With the support of other green-oriented businesses like Mahoney Architects, Anna Kondolf Lighting Design and sunfirst! Solar, SoundVision made sure the components of their sustainable house included renewable energy technology, energy conservation materials and systems, […]

Yagoi 100 – Another Australian Example of Sustainable Development

One of the top sustainable houses in Australia, Yagoi 100 was built using eco-house design principles and incorporating some of the most eco-friendly products available on the market. Located at 1 Yagoi Hamlet Currumbin Valley, Queensland Australia, Yagoi 100 is privately funded and built home that has won the 2009 HIA CSR Energy Efficiency House 2009 […]

Mission Zero House – The First Net-Zero-Energy Home in Michigan

The now famous Mission Zero House started out as an old Victorian house from 1901, but in the hands of Matt Grocoff and his wife Kelly, it became a model net-zero-house, the first of its kind in Michigan. Just like many other home around the United States, the old house Matt and Kelly bought was […]

Idaho Green Cottage Proves Sustainable Living Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune

In Idaho, a state with no building department and little local oversight of builders, Scott and Barbara Schriber have proven that with a little planning, construction technique and good material choice, any house can be sustainable without having to break the bank. When the recession and housing crisis of 2009 hit, Scott and Barbara, the owners […]

The Most Sustainable House in South Korea

The Samsung Green Tomorrow house, designed by Samoo Architects, has become the first East-Asian to win the US Green Building Council’s prestigious LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) platinum status. Located in South Korea’s Yangin city, Samsung’s Green Tomorrow eco-development includes a 423m2 zero-energy house and a 298m2 public relations pavilion, and is designed as a sustainability […]

Architect Proves Sustainable Houses Can Be Attractive and Comfortable

Owner-architect Philip A. Smith has managed to fit his sustainable house with lots of green technology, but at the same time give a human touch and making it easy on the eye. Although it’s still under construction, the modern home located in Hingham, Massachusetts, has already been featured on the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association’s Green Building Open […]