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Can Cover It – An Innovative Solution to Insulate Recessive Lighting Spaces

Non-insulation contact recessive lighting has been a tough issue to solve for some time now, but “Can Cover It” might just be that cost-effective efficient fix we’ve been waiting for. If you’ve ever tried insulating an older house, then you’ve surely been confronted with plugging the spaces around non-insulation contact recessive lighting. That’s almost impossible […]

Passive House US Introduces New PHIUS+ Certification

A new certification combining the Passive House standard with the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index might change the way Passive Houses are designed and built in the United States. According to Katrin Klingenberg, cofounder and executive director of Passive House Institute U.S. (PHIUS), the new standard, called PHIUS+, will make Passive House buildings more […]

Panasonic Inaugurates Home Energy Management System at Gitex 2011

Japanese technology giant Panasonic is trying to prove its commitment to conserving the environment by unveiling its innovative Home Energy Management System (HEMS) for the Middle East and Africa, at Gitex 2011. The new technology presented by Panasonic features preinstalled solar power generator systems and home-use storage battery systems and can be implemented across cities […]

Superadobe – Building Sustainable Houses from Freely Available Materials

The California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture, or Cal-Earth is a non-profit foundation that promotes the use of sustainable housing and construction materials available almost anywhere: earth, sandbags and barbed wire. Founded in 1986, by the late architect Nadel Khalili, Cal-Earth has a philosophy based on the equilibrium of natural elements (fire, water, earth […]

Sustainable Ghost Town to be Built in New Mexico Desert

Washington-based company Pegasus Global Holdings Inc. has announced it will be building a 20-square-mile model city where it can test out new technologies like smart grids, intelligent traffic systems and renewable energy. A lot of dubious stuff has been going on in New Mexico ever since that whole Roswell alien fiasco. The military is blowing […]

ACQUS Grey Water Toilet System Recycles Sink Water

The ACQUS water reclamation system promises to help people save up to 6,000 gallons of water by recycling their bathroom sink water and using it for flushing the toilet. Water shortages will most likely be one of the toughest problems of the near future, and the fact that we practically use water good enough to […]