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Designer Makes Sustainable Furniture from Shipwrecks

South African designer Nic Kruger turns scavenged pieces of wood from old boats into unique furniture. Every item of Shipwreck Furniture is unique and tells its own story about adventure at sea.

Nic Kruger has been in love with design all her life, but it wasn’t until she stumbled over the wreck of a ship called Kruene that she found her true calling – making sustainable furniture from wreckage timber. She carried pieces of the old ship back to her workshop and started taking out the rusted nails, and although the wood spent quite a while on her work table, until she realized what she wanted to do with it, Nic eventually turned it into “Table 1″ (for lack of a beter name).

That was just the beginning for Nic Kruger who know sets the standard in making eco-friendly furniture from discarded pieces of wood. She and her team work exclusively with wreckage timber, and although it was bluntly cut with saws and wasn’t intended for future use, they manage to transform it into elegant decorations anyone would gladly display in their home. Considering boats and wooden ships rarely contain a lot of straight planks, a lot of work and patience goes into designers’work, but it’s precisely this kind of challenges that make their work that much rewarding. Of course, making sustainable furniture in an environmentally conscious manner is an added bonus.






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