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Artist Turns Dumpster into Modern Sustainable Home

Sustainability is an easily achieved goal if you have the will and imagination, as artist Gregory Kloehn proves with his innovative dumpster house.

Most people couldn’t even imagine living in a dumpster, but Gregory Kloehn isn’t most people. He has taken an ordinary dumpster and turned it into a modern sustainable house complete with electricity, grill, barbecue, a water tank, and plans to add a television and cushions to make it more comfortable. The only thing you’d have to get used to, apart from the lack of space, is sleeping within three feet of a portable toilet, as the dumpster house doesn’t have any plumbing.

Kloehn’s original house features a roof that can be raised to let the sunlight in during the day, and cranked down to hide the windows and give it that plain-old-dumpster look, at night. Inside, you can cook a nice meal on the installed one-burner stove or chill out watching a DVD on the soon-to-be installed flat screen TV. The American artist says he created this sustainable house to see if he could put just about everything average people enjoy in their homes, in a dumpster to make it nice enough for someone to live in. It doesn’t sound like Gregory Kloehn is going to be the first tenant of the dumpster house, but judging by the nice list of features, I’m sure he’ll have guests pretty soon.


via Inhabitat


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