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Australian Couple Turn 1940s Bungalow into a Modern Sustainable Home

Jeremy Allen and his partner Stephanie Kalish have spent four years turning an old 1940’s bungalow with an EER (energy efficiency rating) of zero into a model sustainable house with impressive EER of 8.

Although Jeremy describes himself as just an ordinary handyman, the drastic modifications he’s made to the bungalow located in the Ainslie province of Canberra prove he knows a little bit about green living, as well. Mr. Allen built a second story on top of the original bungalow and tried to add as much thermal mass as possible, in the form of tiles, brickwork and insulation. He and his partner also installed recycled weatherboards, shade sails, large double-glazed windows and ventilation. The two went as far as to move their living quarters on the north side of the building, and their sleeping areas on the south side.

But has all this hard work paid off? Well according to Jeremy Allen, before they started renovating the bungalow, temperatures in the kitchen used to plummet towards zero, but ever since they extended it and added the insulation, the temperature hasn’t dropped below 15 degrees. The Canberra Times reports Jeremy and Stephanie opened their house to the public on September 11, as part of the national Sustainable House Day, a program that allows green-oriented Australians to source ideas about sustainable living from members of their own communities.



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