HomeLess Home – IKEA’s Awesome Shipping Container House

Swedish furniture company IKEA teamed up with Erik Juul Architects to create an impressive sustainable house made from shipping containers, for this year’s Copenhagen Design Week.

Have you ever wondered what elements a place needs to make you feel at home? Well, IKEA’s shipping container home features all the basic necessities and aims to prove it doesn’t take very much to make any space feel like home. The HomeLess Home on display in Højbro Plads square, Copenhagen, is built entirely from standard materials like bright red shipping containers, scaffolding pipes and waterproof plastic mesh. Designed to be flexible and mobile, this super sustainable house doesn’t require a foundation and can quickly be installed in any rural or urban areas.

The high, translucent walls made of plastic mesh and fastened to the structure of the house using standard plastic fasteners offer a certain degree of privacy while letting the sunshine through, while the small, upper level balcony delivers stunning views of Copenhagen and its monuments. As you’d expect with a company like IKEA, the inside of the container home features simple, modular furniture that can accommodate a large number of people. IKEA’s HomeLess Home “cuts everything to the bone, containing only a basic kitchen, sleeping and living areas, but demonstrates the power of human resourcefulness and offers a great answer to the pressing problem of sustainable architecture.



IKEA container house

Photos by Ana Lisa Alperovich via Inhabitat



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