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Minimumhouse – An Energy Efficient Vacation Home

If your looking to build a sustainable vacation house, you might one to check out this prototype German architects Scheidt Kasprusch built in the forests outside Berlin.

Minimumhouse has a simple modular design, and was conceived as the “ideal of a house with maximum outdoor impressions and also by making full use of the solar yields for the building.” The team consisting of architects, engineers, building physicists and executing companies developed a project that allows a contemporary open-plan living with high ecological and economic standards. The Institute for Building and Solar Technology, Braunschweig developed in several simulations various thermic and technical alternatives for the building services to obtain the optimal solution for each location.

The modern vacation home was built using sustainable materials, like locally-sourced timber, which provides great insulation, and has heating requirements that answer to the low-energy standard. The orientation of Minimumhouse, with the north side closed and other sides paned enable active and passive use of solar energy. The large fully glazed windows flood the entire house with light while reducing solar gain, while the solar panel system mounted on the highly vegetated roof provides all the necessary energy. The ceiling-mounted radiation ceiling, controlled ventilation and heat recovery support thermic automation all help reduce the heating bill to a minimum.


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