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Old 60’s House Converted into Modern Sustainable Living Space

Although sustainability wasn’t one of the key principles of building a house during the 1960s, Brett Easton and his partner Mia Venema have proved some of the features of their 60’s home match the demands of today.

Brett and Mia have been living in their old brick veneer home for five months, but they’ve already started its conversion into a modern sustainable home with an old school feel. The couple from Warrnambool, Australia notice the 1960s building already had key features like big windows facing north and letting in plenty of natural light, and eaves that help make the space a lot cooler during the summer, and thought it was the perfect place to suit their green lifestyle. But while the built-in features were a welcome bonus, they just weren’t enough for this day and age, so the two got working to improve on it even further.

They’ve already placed solar panels on the roof, and Brett thinks the 3 kilowatt system will provide all the energy they need, set up a solar hot water system. Inside they’ve added extra insulation to keep the house cool in the summer and warm in winter, switched to efficient lighting, installed draft stoppers, and a vent system over the bathroom exhaust, which opens up when the fan is running, but closes when it’s not, to keep the warm air inside. Although their house is part of a long and thin block, Brett and Mia managed to create a small garden that includes a chicken coop, vegetable garden and a variety of fruit-yielding plants like lemons and kiwis.

The 1960s sustainable home is still a work in progress, and the young couple is still thinking of ways to make it more efficient, but it was open for visitations on this year’s Sustainable House Day, a national program which allows Australian communities to share sustainable living tips and ideas.

Photo by Jeremy Lee/ABC Local Radio

via ABC South West Victoria



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