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The Sentinel – An 80s House Renovated to Meet Today’s Green Standards

Most of the sustainable houses featured in the news nowadays are newly built, but The Sentinel, in West Seattle, is an 80s house that was given a thorough green make over by local renovation firm Green Canopy Homes.

Building new houses where there weren’t none, or tearing down old ones to make room for greener homes isn’t sustainable at all, but converting old buildings into eco-friendly living spaces is. The guys at Green Canopy Homes offer the best example with their latest completed project – The Sentinel – a 1984 home perched high above the streets of West Seattle, at 4122 SW Southern Street. The local renovation firm is specialized in reusing and remodeling homes by “using leading efficiency methods and materials, while keeping the original charm and home design intact” gave the 1,822-square-foot house a green makeover transforming in a model of modern sustainability.

In order to achieve Built Green certification, and achieve a good score in the Earth Advantage Institute’s Energy Performance Score  (EPS) The Sentinel was equipped with a a ductless mini-split heat pump system, spray foam insulation, bio-ethanol fireplaces, dual pane windows and other sustainable solutions. On the inside Green Canopy Homes installed various Energy Star appliances, low-flow faucets and showerheads, bamboo flooring, low-VOC paints, and railings locally crafted from recycled aluminum. And the coolest feature of the house is the wireless energy monitor that streams directly to an iPad. GGH was kind enough to include the iPad in the $500,000 price tag of The Sentinel. All these impressive features cost an estimated $12,000 and are estimated to save the owner $861 in energy costs.

Green Canopy Homes has made a hobby of involving the Seattle community in its projects, and The Sentinel was no exception. A total of 77 votes by community members  and friends of the renovation company were cast for the exterior color of the house, and from the 4 different color schemes, Real Teal was declared the winner.






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