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Yagoi 100 – Another Australian Example of Sustainable Development

One of the top sustainable houses in Australia, Yagoi 100 was built using eco-house design principles and incorporating some of the most eco-friendly products available on the market.

Located at 1 Yagoi Hamlet Currumbin Valley, Queensland Australia, Yagoi 100 is privately funded and built home that has won the 2009 HIA CSR Energy Efficiency House 2009 Gold Coast award, and is a part of the award winning Eco Village at Currumbin development. The main features that make the Yagoi 100 one of the greenest homes in Australia are solar photovoltaic panels, solar hot water system and good insulation. The 1Kw Kyocera solar system generates sufficient power to keep the house operationally carbon neutral. To keep energy consumption to a minimum, the house was fitted with LEDs and fluorescent light bulbs for lighting, energy efficient refrigerator and washing machine, LCD television and all kinds of green appliances.

Recycled besser blocks and locally sourced timber were the main elements used in the construction of the Yagoi 100, and the bamboo flooring was taken from sustainably managed forests. Other materials included recycled steel tracks used for balcony beams and a durable splashback material called Zenolite. Large skylights provide enough natural light to make electrical lighting useless during the day, while the large central breezeway keeps the house cool and reduces the need for electrical fans. A suspended slab of concrete in the kitchen acts as additional thermal mass and keeps the place cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter months. Water saving facilities include tanks for rain water storage, from the roof, water efficient shower heads, and a water recycling system for flushing the toilet and garden irrigation.

Water, power and gas usage are monitored through an interface called EcoVision, which displays the efficiency of Yagoi 100 in real time, allowing its residents to fine tune energy consumption at any time. Apart from all the great features of the house, this modern sustainable home also includes a chicken coup and food producing plants (fruit trees, vegetables and herbs) which produce quality natural food on the premises and reduce transport and energy costs.

Yagoi 100 is recognized as one of the greenest homes in Australia, and owners decided to open a education centre on-site that conducts tours ans presentations to groups eager to learn about modern sustainable living.





via Eco Citizen


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