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Sustainahouse Residents Prepare for Winter

Photo by Jessica Salmond

The six MU students living in the Mizzou Sustainahouse we featured last month have begun preparing for their first winter in the 90-year house.

the MU students have been living in the Sustainahouse since August, trying to lead a sustainable lifestyle, and thus inspire the rest of the community to do the same in their own homes. The project has been coming along just fine, but with winter just over a month away, residents found themselves confronted with serious issues regarding energy conservation. Local energy audit firm Energy Link thought an audit before the freezing weather could help the six students take appropriate measures and save between 10% and 30% on average. Keeping the heat inside is vital for living comfortably during winter, but unfortunately for the six green-oriented students, the results of the audit weren’t exactly encouraging.

Energy Link auditors found a series of leaks in the Sustainahouse and the residents had to seal windows with recycled plastic,and plug leaky spots. They also insulated the walls with foam boards and wrapped the hot water tank to save energy. In the latest State Energy Efficiency Ranking published by American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, Missouri ranks 44th in 50 states, with a score of only 8.5 out of 50, so there are certainly a few people who could follow the example of the six students living in MU’s Sustainahouse. Resident Henry Hellmuth admits it’s important to draw attention to energy saving, an issue that requires more education in Missouri.

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