ACQUS Grey Water Toilet System Recycles Sink Water

The ACQUS water reclamation system promises to help people save up to 6,000 gallons of water by recycling their bathroom sink water and using it for flushing the toilet.

Water shortages will most likely be one of the toughest problems of the near future, and the fact that we practically use water good enough to be drunk when flushing isn’t really helping very much. Toilets consume about 40% of a household’s water use so something had to be done to address this issue. The Sloan Valve Company has come up with an innovative system that allows you to save significant quantities of water, by recycling the water you use for the bathroom sink to be used when flushing the toilet.

Sloan’s ACQUS water recycling system features an innovative design that lets users install it in about one hour. It’s set up as a box that is placed inside the vanity and can hold 5.5 gallons of used sink water. A small pump activated by a water level sensor in the toilet tank transfers the grey water filling the reservoir alongside the toilet’s water supply, replacing 65% of the potable water otherwise used for flushing. When the ACQUS water recycling system is empty, the toilet’s regular water supply takes over, and if the system gets filled, excess water is evacuated through the drain. If you’re worried about constant maintenance, don’t be, as the ACQUS only requires your attention only once a year.



via Sloan Valve


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